Monday, May 28, 2007

Let's Start Speaking Out Today -- The Immigration Debate

Right now on Capitol Hill lawmakers are debating the immigration issue and working to pass new immigration legislation.

Our politicians had planned to pass this bill last week...before Memorial Day, but the debate grew heated and they didn't get it done. I think that's a good thing!

From what I've heard, this bill is not good for America. And why is this being rushed through? On a holiday weekend? Things are moving so quickly today...this holiday weekend...if we want to speak up, we need to do it soon. Like now. Today!

But when was the last time your wrote, called, e-mailed, or otherwise contacted your Senator or Representative? I've done so a few times in the past couple months, but that was the first time in a loooong time...and certainly the first time since the advent of e-mail. Before these recent e-mails, the last time I wrote a politician it was done by snail mail letter...which at that time was simply called regular mail.

But if we are going to make ourselves heard on this immigration bill, we may not have time to send a snail mail letter and get it there before the decisions are made and the votes cast. So it's time to act quickly.


We can either call our Senators and Representatives or send them an e-mail. But where do we get their phone number or e-mail address? In the past couple months I took the time to figure that out, and I've put links on my web site where you can find the information quickly. Go to

and click on the "Politics" page. There you'll find links to the Senate, House, and White House. Click on the links and you'll be taken to pages where you can find the phone numbers and e-mail addresses for your politicians.

You don't need to compose a long message. Just tell him or her how you want them to vote: "I ask you to vote against this immigration bill."

By phone, you will need to leave a message. By e-mail, many of them have e-mail forms on their web pages where you can leave your message. Some even have categories you can pick from to let them know what issue you're contacting them about. If you e-mail, you will probably receive an automated response, but don't expect a personal response.

Consider sending a "cc:" (carbon copy) to the White House to let the President know your view on this issue.

To let your voice be heard, I'm thinking it will take you probably 15 to 30 minutes to find the information you need this first time and then write your e-mail or call. If we're going to start speaking out to make a difference in our nation, that's a small price to pay. Do you agree?

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