Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Colorado Council of Churches' address and more

Did you notice something missing on the letter from the Colorado Council of Churches? Interesting that the organization doesn't have their address on their letterhead, don't you think?

Nevertheless, thanks to the Internet and Google, I found their web site and their snail-mail and e-mail addresses were available there. I've posted that information and their web site URL on the Religion page of my web site at www.ButtsAboutIt.com.

So what do you think? Do you want to write a letter to the Colorado Council of Churches to voice your views about their views on immigration...or any other thoughts?

If yes, there's an easy way to double the impact of your efforts. Why not also send a copy of your letter to the regional office of your denomination? An alternative would be to address your letter to your denomination's office and send a copy to the Colorado Council of Churches. Each denomination operates differently, but I believe most have a hierarchy under the national office to which we can address our concerns and our letters. For example, as a Presbyterian, I would address my letter to the Presbytery that governs the church I'm a member of. For the denominations affiliated with the Colorado Council of Churches, the CCC's web site does provide Colorado contact information.

In addition to that, we can also send a copy to the headquarters of our denomination. If you don't have that addressing information, try the search box I've put on my web site here: http://www.buttsaboutit.com/Religion.htm .

And if you're in a U.S. state other than Colorado, you might be curious about organizations similar to our Colorado Council of Churches in your own state. The web site URL for the National Council of Churches has a list of similar organizations in 31 different states (listing only those that have web sites). If you want to see if your state is listed, you'll find the link to the National Council of Churches on the Religion page of www.ButtsAboutIt.com as well.

In the few moments I had to peruse the web site of the Colorado Council of Churches, I didn't see this letter posted. Furthermore, I didn't see anything that looks like it might keep us abreast of what they're doing. That has been one of my complaints over the years: I never know what they're up until after the fact...if at all. That's part of the problem, I think. It seems they do whatever they do in secret...and then say they're speaking for us. And we can't know about it or say anything about it until after it's done...if then. I doubt they mean to be so secretive, but in practice that's how it works out. Occasionally I'll see something in the newspaper or hear something on the news that says the Colorado Council of Churches did this or supports that or agrees with whatever, but other than those haphazard occasions, I don't know how to know what they're doing. If you know how to keep up with what this Council is doing, please let the rest of us know.

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