Saturday, September 29, 2007

Links to radio interview with Carole Whang Schutter and more

If you're interested in knowing more about Carole Whang Schutter, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, or Mormonism, here are some links that might interest you:

Carole Whang Schutter was interviewed on the WNYG's (Spirit of New York) radio program "Iron Sharpens Iron" on September 19th, 2007. You can go to that date's blog and listen to the interview here:

WNYG's "Iron Sharpens Iron" interviewed a former Mormon priest, William Norman Grigg, on September 13th, 2007, and discussed the movie, September Dawn. You can find a link to that interview on the blog for that date also at

Included in the interviewed with Carole Whang Schutter was another former Mormon, Latayne C. Scott, who has written books on the Mormon faith. Find more about her at

And finally, there's more about Carole Whang Schutter at

The final part 9 of my interview with Carole Whang Schutter will be posted tomorrow.

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