Sunday, December 23, 2007

Modern Language Bible - free and online

If you'd prefer not to have to purchase the NIV Study Bible I recommended a few days ago or any other Bible, but you'd like to have a modern language Bible available now without having to wait for it to be Santa or by UPS, there is a web site where you can look up passages of the Bible in several different versions (translations).

Check out:

On this site you can plug in the books, chapters, and/or verses you want to read and select the version you'd like to read it in, and viola...there it is. You can also print it out for future reading away from your computer.

On you can look up passages (by plugging in the book, chapter, and verse), find a passage by searching for key words in the passage, or do a word study by searching for all the Bible passages containing a certain word. There's lots you can do on this site.

To get started, why not look up the Christmas story I've been talking about in the past couple posts and in the next couple posts? You can even compare how they read in different translations, such as the New International Version, the New King James Version, and the New Living Translation.

Go exploring. And have fun!

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