Thursday, December 20, 2007

Modern-Language Bible (my recommendation)

If you don't have a favorite Bible, one that you can read the Christmas story out of this time of year, I'd like to recommend my favorite.

I love the "New International Version" (NIV) of the Bible. No more of that old English with the "thees" and "thous" and the obscured meaning of the King James Version! Obscured simply because we don't talk like that any more. I can actually understand the NIV!

There are lots of NIVs out there--meaning you can buy just an NIV Bible, no frills, no bells and whistles. But if you're going to get yourself a new Bible, why not get one with some bells and whistles? There are also lots of "study Bibles" out there too. Study Bibles include footnotes and charts and maps and introductions to books of the Bible, etc. It's important to be able to trust whoever wrote all that stuff. That's why I like the one from Zondervan publishers simply called the NIV Study Bible. The notes and extra stuff were written by a panel rather than one person, so it seems to me there would be less chance of one person's possible bias entering into the material.

The NIV Study Bible first came out in 1985, but they updated it and added new features in 2002. Therefore my vote for favorite Bible goes to Zondervan's fully revised NIV Study Bible.

You should be able to find one in major bookstores, in Christian bookstores, and in some discount stores like WalMart. The cover price for the hardcover is $39.99 but you can find it on sale or at discount outlets for less. Please note that you can spend a lot more on a leather cover if you want that, but everything on the inside of the book is all the same. If you're interested, or if you'd like more information, there's a link to this Bible at on my web site here:

Why not consider giving yourself a new NIV Study Bible for Christmas? It's the most important book you'll ever read.

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Sue Tornai said...

I love the NIV Life Application Bible. I read the scripture every morning including the life application at the bottom. Then I consider what God wants to teach me and I write it in my journal. All this leads me into prayer. My time with God means more to me when I can understand and apply His word.