Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Knight Rider ( Gag )

Did any of you watch the two-hour movie of the new Knight Rider Monday night?

My husband and I enjoyed the original TV series back in the '80s and were looking forward to this movie and the coming new TV series, so we watched.

In one of the opening scenes, a female FBI agent (Carrie Ruvai, played by Sydney Tamiia Poitier) is getting ready for work and there is a naked lady in her bed. ( Ga... Ga... ) In their brief conversation, the naked bed-mate asks if the FBI agent isn't concerned about leaving someone in her home whom she just met last night.

Oh...okay. So we not only have a lesbian relationship, it's also a just-met-last-night and went-home-and-got-naked first-date-sex relationship. (I was going to call it a "one night stand" but I have no idea if that's what it will turn out to be.)

The FBI agent said, "No," and left for work.

Now come on. ( Gag. ) Was that scene necessary to the story?

No. Not at all.

It seems the show (on NBC) only wanted to establish a lesbian character in the show. It didn't have anything to do with the story.

I guess it's just fashionable to have lesbian and gay characters in shows and movies right now. Okay, Hollywood, you've made your statement. This has been going on for a while now. Can we say it has run its course, grow up, and move on now? (I doubt it.)

As I watch shows like Knight Rider with gay and lesbian characters and one-night-stands and first-date sex, it feels like Hollywood is shoving its beliefs down my throat. ( G-g-gag. ) It doesn't go down very well. It gets stuck. It's hard to swallow.

We Christians often get accused of shoving our religion down other people's throats. (Some consider even the mention of God or Jesus Christ as shoving our religion down their throats.) But Hollywood doesn't seem to see that writing sex anytime, anywhere, with anyone into their shows is shoving their views down my throat. ( G-g-gag. )

We invite TV into our home. If Knight Rider continues to shove its anything-goes sexual stuff ( g-gag ) down our throats ( g-g-gag ), it won't continue to be invited into our home.

Is this ( ga... ga... ) what my cat feels like ( g-ga... ) when she has a hairball? (G- G- GYACK!)

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