Friday, March 7, 2008

Don't Think Your Letters Can Make a Difference?

Did you check out the web site for Speechless: Silencing the Christians ( Did you discover you don't get any of the networks it's airing on, as I did? When I entered my e-mail address and name to see if I could get a network with the show, I received the following letter from a representative of The Inspiration Network.

Think your letter, e-mail, or phone call (to someone in the entertainment industry, a politician, or someone else of influence) won't make a difference? Think again.

Thank you for sending your request for INSP from The Inspiration Networks. We received your email and wanted to respond back to you.

Unfortunately, we are not carried in your area; I believe your cable company is Comcast, if so you can find the address and website where you can contact them. If it is not Comcast please let me know, and I will find your cable operators contact information.

Your comments to them WILL help! Cable operators do take notice when their paying subscribers or potential subscribers send them requests. Sometimes it takes numerous requests and it helps to have different people send letters/emails…so if you know of others that would like to see our network on the lineup of your local cable company, please have them write and call as well.

You may or may not live in your cable operator’s service area, but if so…this letter or call to them requesting our network will encourage them to add us. Send it to the attention of the “General Manager” of the cable company in your area. The thought of possibly getting NEW subscribers or providing more value to their existing subscribers by adding our programming is important to them…and even more so if you communicate your wishes to them in writing.

In addition to the great programming available on our network, we have recently launched I-VOD , which is free Inspiration Video-On-Demand programming that will allow you to view selections of our programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; with the ability to watch the programs when YOU want to watch them. This new format is now being made available to cable companies nation-wide. In addition, as a computer, owner, you may now view selected programming on, which is best viewed by using the high-speed internet service provided by your local cable operator.

Again, thank you for your request. We will do our part to encourage these businesses to add our network, but your involvement personally is just as important!

Comcast, 8000 East IIiff Ave, Denver, CO 80231

Thank you.
Tammy Burklin
The Inspiration Networks

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