Monday, June 30, 2008

Lesbians at the Ball Park - Part 4

In my June 23 post I wrote:

"Homosexuality is wrong. If no one ever tells these people that, won't they continue to think it's okay?"

Even as I wrote those words I was thinking there is a part within every human being that knows when he or she is doing wrong. We may ignore it. We may tell it to be quiet in order to make it go away. And if we do that often enough for long enough, we can successfully silence it. But it is still there.

It is as if each incident of ignoring or silencing that voice within burns that spot within us that is sensitive to the sin. If that sensitivity is burned enough, it will lose sensation.

Did you know that a third degree burn doesn't cause pain? A first degree burn turns the skin red and is painful. A second degree burn is red with blisters and is very painful. A third degree burn is black and charred and produces no pain because the nerves have been burned and destroyed.

The good news is that if a person wants to restore that part of him- or herself that whispers to our minds when something is wrong, it can be restored. God can heal the seared conscious and restore its sensitivity.

"...the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts now accusing, now even defending them."
Romans 2:15, NIV


Sue Tornai said...

Yes, I believe these people know they are living in sin. The fact that their lifestyle is so controversial is enough to convict them, but many of them ignore their guilt feelings and continue in sin to the point they feel justified. Our pastor spoke from the pulpit on Sunday against same sex marriage. Woo hoo! I am thankful he is not afraid to speak the truth. He is a very loving man and he spoke lovingly. As God's witnesses, may we all learn to do that.

Hal said...

Nice analogy. There's one I've heard before that I believe was attributed to early American Indians. They spoke of that part which is sensitive in us to sin being like a rough stone that spins inside us each time we do something wrong. The edges thus cause us pain or discomfort as it turns. If ignored that stone will become smooth over time and cease to hurt us when we do wrong.

Melissa's Cozy Tea Time Readings said...

Sue, very cool that your pastor stood up for the bible and gave what is a very unpopular sermon for those living that lifestyle. Good for him!