Thursday, September 13, 2007

Part 4 - Interview with Carole Whang Schutter, screenwriter of SEPTEMBER DAWN

Dianne: I've heard the LDS church tried to stop the film. Is that true? In what ways?

CWS: It has been suggested to me by many supportive ex-Mormons that each ward has a media representative and that one of their duties is to keep an eye out for any kind of negativity in the press or any kind of negative movies about the LDS faith. The job of the representative is to "round up the troops" to inundate the media on all fronts with angry, negative letters. It is a very effective way of fighting.

The LDS church is very rich, very organized, and very powerful. They own major newspapers, are major stockholders in Coca Cola, the satellites, and major enterprises like the Marriott Hotels. They have amazing control over their people and blind loyalty.

If only the Christians were as organized...we'd probably rule the world! But, Christianity is based on free will and salvation through grace. So maybe we don't "work" as hard to get to heaven.

Coming next: Did you work with any of the descendants of the survivors of the wagon train? Have you met them?


Marlene Depler said...

I continue to enjoy your interview. Thanks for sharing it with your readers.

Tomás Aquinas said...

Ms Schutter cites erroneous information.

Can she provide a good source on her other claims about Mormon influence?

Of course, as we see here, there is little if any tolerance among many Christians. Is it not fact that a major reason many Europeans fled Europe was because of persecution by other Christians? Not by atheists, mind you, but by other Christians? Are you not displaying the same mindset?

I believe that you would do better if you worked more on spreading the good about the Christian Message and less on tearing down those with whom you do not agree.

I am disappointed in this blog. This kind of unreasoned prejudice is what drives people from the Church Universal.

Is this what Jesus taught?