Friday, October 5, 2007

Part 1 - Interview with Jan White, first place winner of 2006 Amy Awards

Dianne: Hello Jan. Thanks for talking with us about speaking out to our nation through newspapers. First question: Can you tell us about the Amy Awards? What are they? Can anyone enter?

JW: Over 25 years ago, Jim Russell, a businessman from Lansing, Michigan, had a vision for discipling our nation by encouraging Christians to write for the secular media. Using his own financial resources, he established the Amy Foundation--named for his daughter, Amy, who has Down Syndrome. The first Amy Writing Award was presented 22 years ago and it has been awarded every year since then.

The criteria can be found at by clicking on the link to the Amy Writing Awards. Anyone can enter if their article was published in the secular media and quotes a Scripture with its reference. They must also address a topic relevant to moral issues facing today's society.

Coming next: How did you come to know about the Amy Writing Awards?

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