Monday, October 15, 2007

Part 4 - Interview with Jan White, first place winner of 2006 Amy Award

Dianne: What was your winning article about?

JW: The article I submitted to the Amy Writing Awards was a column I wrote after the tragic shooting of the Amish schoolgirls in Pennsylvania. It was published in the Andalusia Star-News on October 7, 2006, with the title, "Forgiveness is the key to unlocking hatred." Watching the news coverage of the horrible event, I realized the Amish community demonstrated the meaning of forgiveness to the news media and the rest of us. It begged the question: would we be able to forgive such a horrible act? What about the people we know who have wronged us? Would someone learn the meaning of forgiveness by looking at our lives?

Dianne: Is your winning article online where we can read it?

JW: Go to Click on Amy Writing Awards and then click on Past Winners for articles published during 2006. There you will find a press release and the articles by the top 15 winners.

Coming next: How did you learn you had won first place in the Amy Writing Awards?

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Crystal Laine Miller said...

Dianne and Jan--This was a wonderful interview and Jan, your article was wonderful and fascinating. I'm proud of you for winning the Amy and for stepping out to speak boldly.

Keep up the good work--both of you!