Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More about speaking out through newspapers

Another way most every one of you can let your views be known and stand up for your faith is by writing letters to the editor of newspapers. Some magazines also use these letters. If you'd like some helpful tips about writing letters to the editor and increasing your chances of seeing your letter in print, that's the subject of the November Butts About E-zine.

Also, more of my interview with Jan White will appear in the November issue of Butts About E-zine.

You can sign up for your free copy using the Bravenet form on This free monthly e-zine is filled with "how-to" articles to help you learn ways to let your views be known.

I promise not to fill your e-mail box with other stuff--I only send the newsletter once a month, by the last Friday before the first of the month. That means it will come out early this month: on Friday the 26th, so sign up soon so you don't miss it! (And don't neglect to respond to the confirmation e-mail you'll receive from Bravenet or you're not subscribed.)

If you'd like to view a back issue of Butts About E-zine, you'll find links to those archives at the bottom of the home page at

We'll continue the interview with Jan White next time.

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