Monday, October 29, 2007

"Real Answers" available for your newspaper from the Amy Foundation

Would you like it if articles written from a Christian worldview addressing current issues appeared regularly in your local newspaper? What if you didn't even have to write them?! What if your newspaper could access them for free? Welcome to the Amy Internet Syndicate.

One more service The Amy Foundation provides is just such articles available for use in your local newspaper. Written by several different writers, these article or columns are written regularly and can be downloaded and printed in any daily or community newspaper for free.

You can meet the writers and read their articles and columns on Click on the "Amy Internet Syndicate" button for all the information.

Why not take a few minutes to stop by and check out some of these articles and writers? Then give a call or send a note to your local newspaper and see if they're aware of this service. Encourage them to use it. Let them know you'd be interested in reading these columns in your newspaper.

It doesn't take much for each of us to make a difference for good (and for God) in our nation.

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