Monday, November 26, 2007

THE GOLDEN COMPASS gives wrong directions

Well I didn't mean to leave my blog for so long. A week's vacation traveling with little internet access started my unintended break. Follow that with the Thanksgiving holiday week...and, well, it has been a while.

While gone, however, I did hear some interesting information about a soon-to-be-released movie for children. The Golden Compass starring Nicole Kidman releases in theaters on December 7th. I've already seen the trailers on TV commercials for the movie, and it looks fun and entertaining. But it seems the author of the story has something else in mind.

According to, the man who wrote this story and its sequels is an atheist intent on killing God--at least in his stories. According to the Snopes page the author, Philip Pullman, stated in an interview, "My books are about killing God."

The Snopes page also says at the end of the trilogy, the main characters, a young boy and girl depict Adam and Eve in the Garden and they kill God.

There's a lot more information on the Snopes page. View it here:

It's important to vote with our dollars. Make an informed decision about buying tickets to this movie.

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