Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Can God die?

Although The Golden Compass movie brings to light the disturbing thoughts some people have about getting rid of God, it also brings up a interesting question: Can God die?

You may remember as I do that photograph from a few decades ago of the man holding the sign that states "God is dead." Oh really? Ya think?

Perhaps some people think God has been silent for so long that He isn't around any more. I think others believe if they could kill off God, then that would remove all moral restraint and, being able to do whatever they wanted, life would be more enjoyable. They're as wrong about that as they are about God.

God is alive and well and at work in the world. And I find it extremely interesting that this movie comes out during the Advent season...the season where we anticipate the coming of Christ.

After all, what was the main reason Christ, God in flesh, was born on earth? Answer: to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins.

In other words, Jesus, who was and is God, came to earth to die.

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