Friday, February 8, 2008

Presidential Election Questions

Yesterday Mitt Romney stepped out of the Presidential race. My, things can change fast.

I respect Mr. Romney for taking this step. He looked at the numbers and knew he couldn't get enough delegates to win the nomination. Would staying in have created a three-way split diluting votes among Republicans so none would have a strong showing? Not a problem now since Mr. Romney suspended his campaign.

What will Mr. Huckabee do? As third in this previously three-way race, what now? Will he stay in? (For what reason? He couldn't possibly get enough delegates to get the nomination either, right?)

So if Mr. McCain has the nomination, who will he pick for a Vice President running mate? Mr. Romney? Mr. Huckabee?

From speculations I've heard, there have already been "back room discussions" between McCain and Huckabee. If true, that could be revealing.

I've also heard Mr. Huckabee isn't nearly as conservative as some of us would like. That's more obvious with Mr. McCain and his voting record. If they run together, can they win enough conservative votes to beat Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama?

I'm also hearing many conservatives--both leaders and ordinary voters-- saying if McCain is nominated they won't vote at all. After being told all my life by leaders such as these that we need to vote... Our vote is important... Every vote counts... Voting is one of the most important things we can do... Now many conservatives are vowing not to vote?! Is this hypocritical?

What will I do? I will do what I've always done: vote for the candidate I think is the BEST to run this country. I have never had a candidate I thought was perfect to vote for. More often than not I have cast my vote against someone rather than for someone else. But we don't get to design our perfect candidate. We can only choose the available one that's closest to what we want. For me, this will be the Republican candidates--whoever they will be.

I think all the excitement and attention toward this Presidential race is good. It gets people involved and causes people who normally wouldn't to pay attention. Many people, I'm sure, won't want to hear all the bickering and will turn it off. That's the danger.

But remember, even when it looks like everything is out of control, God is still in control. It may look like it's all a big to-do down here on earth--and it is. But God's not worried. He's got it all figured out. So when our human striving and fretting and bickering and worrying gets out of hand, He feels our pain, but He's not worried. At times I think He shakes His head and laughs at our lack of faith in Him.

Wait. Did you hear that? I thought I just heard someone chuckling...

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Sue Tornai said...

Thank you for your encouragement! I tend to agree with conservative crowds that my party has left me. I feel that no one possesses values I want to vote for. So what are we to do? Trust God! Thank you for reminding us that He is in control.