Friday, April 25, 2008

10,000 Voices

This morning I'd like to welcome several new readers receiving this blog through the Feedblitz e-mail service! Thanks for jumping on board!

Do you ever feel like you'd like to speak a politician, someone in Hollywood, or another leader...but you think, Would anybody listen? I'm only one voice.

What if you had the voice of 10,000? Would that make a difference? Would that give you the courage to speak up?

Many years ago I heard a politician tell his audience that they hear from so few of their constituents that when they do, they assume that person's view represents a pretty good percentage of their constituency.

A few years ago my family was approached by the Neilson TV rating folks and asked to allow them to monitor what we watched for their rating system. The representative told me that in our rural area (where we lived then), what we watched on TV would represent to them about 10,000 households.

It really is as if you have 10,000 voices.

If each of us will speak up and express our convictions, our views, can you see how quickly our voices could make a difference?

What if a lot more of us conservative-minded people started speaking out? Multiply one voice, or two, or ten... You do the math.

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Jan Verhoeff said...

Amazingly enough, when we blog and refer back to these posts, we're extending the number of voices we have. We're multiplying and maximizing, because often others then refer back to our posts too. That's the beauty of internet publicity, marketing, and chatter. It's going places we never knew.