Monday, April 21, 2008

The letter from Christians to Muslims - Part 5...Oh, and more.

Did you miss me again? Jeepers, when wireless was getting popular I could find a signal pretty much everywhere I traveled. Not now. Last year I could get a signal at the same place I stayed last week. But last week? Nada. Zip. Zero. No internet signal that I could connect to anywhere. (Well, there is that cyber cafe in Fraser, but the last I checked--which admittedly was a couple years ago--it was something like $20 for the first hour. Ouch. I'm not paying that.)

So...there I was all last week with no internet. I got a lot of other work done, but I didn't get to blog.

Then, as I'm leaving town, I stop at the McDonald's in Winter Park, Colorado, and I'm sitting there munching my sausage McMuffin with egg when I see it. A huge poster covering the window facing Main Street. It read "Wi-Fi." Now, I'd heard McD's was installing wireless to compete with Starbuck's, but I didn't expect it to be installed in a small town McDonald's already.

So I go to the counter and ask. No, it's not free. It's $2.95 for the first two hours. Now that's doable! Note to self: Next time I need internet service, check with McDonald's!

Also, I've heard that Starbuck's may soon offer FREE internet--for the first hour or two. Don't know if that's for sure or if it has happened yet, but if you need internet you might check. Don't you just love competition? That's what makes our country so great: the freedom to build businesses and compete for business. Competition keeps prices low, service high, and life good! It's a great system (as opposed to the socialism of other countries).

I have one more thought on the article in Citizen magazine:

According to the article in Citizen magazine, the Yale apology "has been widely publicized in the Islamic world."

Of course. No doubt.

But have you heard a word about this letter or the letter from the Muslims to Christians here in the States?

Except for finding this information in the Citizen magazine, I wouldn't know a thing about it.

Citizen magazine: If you don't already get the magazine, I highly recommend you subscribe.

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