Monday, May 5, 2008

Rev. Wright is Wrong - Part 2

Another thing I found incredibly disturbing in Pastor Wright's rantings was the use of the Lord's name from the pulpit! My goodness.

Here in Colorado we had a situation a while back where one of our state politicians, Douglas Bruce, was at the podium during the opening prayer and several photographers were sitting on the floor around him. Something one photographer did irritated Mr. Bruce, so he kicked him.


Here's the scene in my mind: Here we are, praying to the one true God, the Almighty, the all-merciful who allows the poorest as well as the most important to come into His presence and treats them all the same, all well, and "powerful politician" Douglas Bruce reaches out and kicks a "poor powerless person/photographer" sitting at his feet during the prayer?! In the middle of this conversation with God! What a guy. God would never do something like that...and I don't like the picture it gives when Mr. Bruce did. There's "wrong" all over it.

Does it need to be said? No pastor should ever use the name of the Lord in vain from the pulpit. Why is this using the Lord's name in vain? Because God would never damn America. Rev. Wright might. But God wouldn't. And for a representative of God (which is what pastors are supposed to be) to represent Him in that way, well... Rev. Wright is wrong.

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Sue Tornai said...

I am with you, Dianne. How can a man love God and use His name wrongly? How can He call himself a believer, much less a preacher?? How could Senator Obama attend his church and call himself a Christian? Something is wrong with the whole picture!