Friday, June 13, 2008

Governor signed Senate Bill 200

I checked Colorado Governor Bill Ritter's web site and found that he signed Senate Bill 200, "Expand Discrimination Prohibitions," into law on May 29th, 2008.

You can find the Governor's web site here:

To see which bills he has signed, click on "Governor Ritter's 2008 Legislative Decisions." A form comes up in a pop-up window that shows all the bills that have come before him, the decision he made, and the date.

Thanks to all of you who voiced your opposition and urged him to veto this bill. I heard from many of you who said you had called, e-mailed, or both, and who had sent a message to your e-mailing list asking your friends to do the same.

I keep getting the feeling this Governor is passing all kinds of things that we don't even know about -- some of it very quietly. I get the same feeling about our national politicians.

It's hard to keep up. But then maybe that's the point.

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Jan Verhoeff said...

Just my personal opinion here, but I think we've got the wrong governor. Perhaps we seriously need to think about running someone with some moral values for the office.

I believe it comes up for election in two years.