Monday, June 9, 2008

What Must People Think of the Church? - Rev. Wright is Wrong - Part 5

Another thought that just causes me to cringe is, when people see clips from people like the Rev. Wright's and Father Pfleger's rantings from the pulpit in church, what must then think?!

What impression of the Christian church is Rev. Wright, Barack Obama (by virtue of him apparently not having a problem with any of this...until it affected him politically), or Father Pfleger giving people?

For those who do not go to church, do they think this is the usual happenings every Sunday morning in churches across the nation?

For the enemies of the church, doesn't this just confirm who evil the church is and how evil Christians are?

When people see these clips coming out of Trinity United Church of Christ, what must people think?


One thing I know: On judgement day, I hope I'm not standing anywhere near Rev. Wright or Father Pfleger!

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