Friday, July 11, 2008

Communicate and Worship (?!) with Muslims -- What's Up with the Presbyterian Church USA - Part 2

The second item of concern that happened at the 218th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in June was somebody's idea that we Presbyterians need, play nice, I guess, with Muslims.

"Communicate" was mentioned. Okay. No problem.

But then "worship" was mentioned. Huh?

How in the world can Christians worship with Muslims?! Oh wait. I forgot. I keep getting told we all worship the same God. If that were true, I suppose it would be possible to worship together. But we do not worship the same God.

The God I, as a Christian, worship came to earth in flesh, was crucified as a sin offering for the sins of all who accept that, died, and overcame death raising to life three days later. He lives to this day, and is called Jesus Christ.

No Muslim in his or her right mind worships Jesus. My understanding of what Muslims believe is that they believe Jesus was a prophet just like Muhammad, the founder of their faith. So these two are supposed to be equals. Not happenin' here.

We can't worship together. What are the leaders of the Presbyterian Church (USA) who say we can? Idiots?

Actually, they may be pretty smart. Like the activist judges who change laws regardless of the voters wishes in secular society, wait until you hear about the fast one they pulled. That in my next post...

Coming up in future posts:
Part 3: Overnight Change: Homosexuality and the PC (USA)'s "Authoritative Interpretation"
Part 4: Stay In or Bail?

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