Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Discipling Our Nation...Jim Russell's dream continues

Jim Russell dreamed of mobilizing Christians to disciple our nation, meaning to restore spiritual and moral character in America. So the Amy Foundation mapped out a plan to disciple our nation in our generation. The Foundation offers "The Discipled Nation Resources."

These resources include a brochure called "The United States - A Discipled Nation in this Generation" which, according to their web site, "outlines a biblical plan for discipling our nation by the year 2025." The Amy Foundation makes these brochures available for free for distribution at scheduled Christian events, such as church services, prayer breakfasts, seminars, workshops, concerts, retreats, prison ministries and wherever Christians gather.

Besides the brochure, The Amy Foundation also created four other resources:
  • Discipling Myself
  • Discipling My Family
  • Discipling My Congregation
  • Discipling My Neighborhood

Find information about these resources to use in your church school classes, church, home, neighborhood, and more at

(There's a little information on Click on "Discipling Resources," then on the "Order" button and use the menu on the left.)

You may also find these discipling resources in your local Christian bookstore. Why not give them a call and ask?

More with Jan White, Amy Award winner, next time (and in Butts About E-zine and on

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