Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Opportunity for Wannabe Screenwriters

Here’s a rare opportunity for wannabe screenwriters:

Carole Whang Schutter, the author and screenwriter of the book and movie September Dawn is offering to give a copy of her screenplay by e-mail to anyone who buys the book. She told me, “All they have to do is send me a copy of the shipping receipt, or if it is a store like Borders, a receipt for the book, and I will email them a copy.”

She is also offering as a bonus the double blue one line schedule.

As Carole said to those interested in screenwriting in her blog tour interview with Marilyn Peake on January 17:

If you want to learn your craft, you have to watch different ways of doing it. In January, through Pump Up Your Book promotion, I am offering a free e-book of the screenplay, and as a bonus, a double blue one line schedule that is a day-to-day journal of the shooting schedule to anyone who buys my book on Amazon, but we are working to have it available on other websites as well. It really is an opportunity for anyone curious about or wanting to learn the craft. In fact, I suggest, if you’re serious, buy the book, read it, watch the movie, follow it with the screenplay and read the dbl blue one line. It is a terrific way to be immersed in the industry and how it all magically comes together on the big screen. Whether you like the movie or not isn't even the point, it is an invaluable learning experience and glimpse into the industry that is rarely, if ever offered to the public.


To take advantage of this offer, contact Carole at carole@cwschutter.com

I've already obtained both documents and have learned what a "double blue one line" is! I can't wait to study this and the script in depth to learn from it. I saw the movie in a theater, but it's now available on DVD. Last I heard it was the fourth on the DVD rental list nationwide.

The entertainment industry needs Christians to develop screenplays that can impact our society and our world for good. Learning to write for Hollywood is one way we can speak out and voice our views. For those Christians interested in screenwriting, there is more help here: www.ActOneProgram.com.

Here's Carole's blog tour schedule for this week:

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